How to Use Video for Your Real Estate Marketing

Why is Video Marketing Important?

If you’re a buyers agent looking to generate leads, or a sellers agent trying to market a property, it is crucial you recognize the importance of maintaining a robust, reputable, and attractive presence for your audience. In such a competitive industry that real estate is, it has become critical to market your business effectively and find ways to one-up your competitors.

Get Discovered by New Clients

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, conveniently owned by the world’s largest search engine, Google. If you have property videos or real estate educational videos uploaded to your YouTube channel, it provides an extra opportunity for being discovered. When potential buyers, sellers, and renters are checking out answers to their real estate-related questions, you will be there with their answers on YouTube! We’ll get into more details in the video ideas section below, but videos that are effective on YouTube include a Realtor bio, answers to FAQs that buyers or sellers may have, and location-centric videos like videos about the neighborhood/communities that you are farming in.

Build Trust with Testimonials

Building trust may be a challenging component in this industry. Not only is that the decision to buy or well a home a financially significant one, but it is also often a decision that affects a person’s entire life. A simple yet effective way for real estate marketers to create trust with their leads is by letting somebody else do the talking. Happy homeowners are the “someone else” I am pertaining to because these are the parents who have already been through that method. I hope that in your company’s time in business, there are pleased clients who have worked with you. Reach bent these individuals to ascertain if they would be willing to film a fast video testimonial describing their positive experience. Getting this sort of endorsement from a true person will help new leads see that your organization is one worth working with.

Place Your Videos Strategically

Remarketing to your clients active in their buying process with an emotional client testimonial video could encourage them to travel ahead and sign the contract on their new home confidently. If you were running a campaign to market brand recognition, though, it would not add up to market a video that features testimonials. Instead, these leads would probably enjoy a video that raises awareness about your location and services.

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Focus on the Highlights

In addition, this principle should be applied whether you are creating videos to market yourself, your brokerage, or your property listings.

In other words, when it involves creating videos for property listings, do not simply believe the property itself; believe how you will sell the life-style and locations that go hand-in-hand with the property. For instance, maybe you are selling a property that backs on a beach.

Instead of only showing the property itself, it would be a great idea to make a video that shows the beach lifestyle, maybe even including shots of people swimming or sunbathing in the property’s pool. While these shots are not necessarily about the house, they work to sell the beach lifestyle that potential buyers will get once they purchase the house. The point here is that land videos do not only have to specialize inland, they will specialize in positive human emotions, lifestyles, and site benefits instead of specific things a few property or land agencies.

Keep Your Videos Under 5 minutes

Every second your video plays viewers are going to lose interest. This is often just how viewing behavior goes: the typical video only retains 37% of videos through the last second. As videos start to show into movies, viewers are getting to lose interest and advance. Your story is additionally likely to be more compelling if you simply include the really engaging stuff.

Focus on Being Your Yourself and You Will Be Different

If your videos appear as if all the opposite land videos, they simply will not stand out, albeit they cost thousands of dollars to supply. A singular and memorable idea could you will get plenty of business with videos you shot on your phone. Use your personality to your advantage. People wish to connect with real people. Show your quirks, highlight your passions and hobbies, and other people will resonate together with your videos.


Working with video is not hard. Be confident, be yourself, and you will stand out. Create testimonial videos, land listing videos, how-to’s and tips videos, and every one of your other land marketing videos with just an online connection. So, are you interested in learning more and becoming a real estate marketing master? Head over to the Agent Tools tab on my website for more strategies, techniques, and information about real estate marketing

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