A Realtor’s Guide to Generate Leads on Facebook

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Life has got really competitive you know. So, how do you stand out of the competition and generate leads on one of the biggest social media platforms in the world? I’m sure you sometimes think a lot about how to stand out among other real estate agents and maximize profit. You do not need too much to be able to stand out and make good profits. All you need is to be able to access a media which is very effective for marketing your services; and also have the ‘know-how’ for making your services known. Well, we have got you covered in this article. This article will show you how to generate leads for your real estate services. Follow through the following paragraphs closely.

It is not just knowing what to do that gets you to that point you so desire. You must also know how to get to where you desire. This is the reason this article will emphasize how to generate leads on Facebook in particular, and help you take advantage of the vast number of Facebook users to promote your real estate business. There are many ways this can be done, but we would select the effective ways so that you can be sure that your efforts would definitely yield an amazing result. Here are some of the best ways to generate leads on Facebook as a realtor.

Create a Facebook Business Page

The first thing you have to do is create a Facebook account if you haven’t created any before. Creating a Facebook account would grant you access to create a Facebook page and begin the journey on creating a successful campaign for your real estate business. Afterward, enter the basic information required of you in creating your Facebook page such as the category, address, contacts, etc. In creating this page, ensure you make use of the call-to-action feature as it is very instrumental. This call to action feature should be accompanied by the right copy. The copy is what would motivate people to click on the icon.

Upload Engaging and Relatable Content

A lot of people underestimate the role of content in lead generation as they think promoted ads is the only way to generate leads. Promoted ads work wonders but post content is not totally ineffective. One major advantage is that it is free. You as a realtor just have to discover what your audience wants and provide information as regarding it.

The truth is that whatever content to be posted has to be reliable and helpful. Ask yourself if the post is one worth sharing before uploading it. Also, there should be a bit of humor in the post. Never upload a boring post filled with technical jargons. Make it easy to read. With time, you would gather your audience who would seek your services at one point or the other.
Remember, you are not to spam them with too many messages. Four posts per week is good enough.

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Generate Leads: Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are simply advertisements done through Facebook. Apart from being a social media platform, Facebook has also become a large market place for any kind of business, real estate included.
Firstly, you have to create compelling ads using images or videos. It is important to note that these ads must be creative and captivating so as to attract buyers. The carousel format is the most advisable format to choose to get the best result, although, other options are great too. Once the format of your ad has been chosen, you would be faced with the responsibility of choosing your target audience. Pay attention to the options that Facebook would provide for you and carefully study them to select the most effective. Your demography could be in regards to income, home type, likely to move, etc.

Once your ad is ready, you need to create a perfect copy that would complement it. Your copy should attract prospective viewers so as to generate enough clicks. You could describe the home explicitly using bullet points with the right adjectives or you could appeal to their emotions using incentives like ‘What if I told you that you can get your dream house at a giveaway fee. Find out how here’. Whatever copy is used, make sure you leave your customers seeking to know or have more.
Afterward, run your ads and watch how many results it would yield.

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Make use of Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are instruments used as exchange for potential clients contact information. These are very useful tools which a real estate agent can employ to generate more leads. As a realtor, you can drop a link of your lead magnet on your Facebook page, any Facebook group you are in or insert it as in your Facebook ad. Once potential customers click on the link, it takes them straight to your landing page where they would submit their details in exchange for the lead magnet
There are various forms you could choose from. You can decide to make use of the e-book lead magnet by providing content that answers questions relating to real estate issues. For instance, you can decide to talk a bit about foreclosure, convert it to an e-book format, make it beautiful, educative and attractive then upload the book cover on your page with a link to get it.

You could also employ the use of a cheat sheet that would detail out how best to go about something. For instance, you can create a cheat sheet on ‘how best to deal with foreclosures’. One good thing about Cheatsheet is that people value it and see it as a shortcut rather than having to brainstorm. Before making use of lead magnets on Facebook, ensure it is solving a particular problem, it is easy to read and understand, shows your professionalism and most importantly that it is beautiful and attractive to the eyes.

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Next Steps

I hope you were able to get some valuable information out of this article! There are some other ways to generate leads as a realtor on Facebook some of which includes: joining relevant groups on Facebook, Sending personal messages to invites or new friends, etc. The good thing about this is that you can combine all of the listed ways just make sure you implement them well. There are other social media platforms through which you can generate leads effectively. Look out for this space. Please feel free to start a conversation and comment your thoughts below. Also, check out my Agent Tools page where I have compiled resources and recommendations for real estate agents like you, who are ready to take their real estate marketing one step further.

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