Using Real Estate Affirmations

Utilizing affirmations and some tools is a way to restrict criticism of yourself and other people. Affirmations help you in training your brain to be more about final results and to a lesser extent about quibbling. How we talk to ourselves really does regulate the type of energy we vibrate and what that draws into our life experiences. As you may or may not know, in real estate using affirmations in very crucial to creating a successful business. 

I share these ideas with you so that we can take more responsibility and power in making changes in our lives, our bodies, our business, and our families.

Why Affirmations Are Important

Affirmations are self-talk statements & better presented to the subconscious. These fresh images are viewed as “credible” by the subconscious & are placed in the area of the subconscious. This is the area having to do with the power to enhance the ability to employ particular powerful memories with less work. Through this special imagery, a real estate agent can develop the inner tools for upper-level focus on good relationship building skills. In doing you are letting the memories and images be transported to the here and now where they’re used for enhancing bettered relationship building skills which are crucial for real estate agents.

Why Do We Need Affirmations?

People believe these good and beneficial self talk memories are a fallacy and don’t exist, but the subconscious mind recognizes where they are located and will direct them forward for increased success in business and in life. 

These forms of affirmation/suggestions open up fresh neural tracts in the mind, heightening the ability to “play” these fresh mighty images. Stale images related to negativity, failings, deficiency of initiative, frail goal images and the ability to develop and work a goal action plan are decreased. When the mind hears new self-talk affirmations the subconscious sees them as “real.”

You’ve likely observed a common element in those who are most successful in real estate, in business, and life. These succeeders and successful individuals tend to be enthusiastic and zealous, in all facets of their lives.

This exuberance is infectious, and it tends to rub off on all those individuals with whom the successful individual interacts. A favorable attitude and the power to turn that attitude into results is crucial to motivating team members to do better. This leads to acquiring the best from associates and working with peers, both in business and life. 

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As you can see, a positive attitude is a useful asset, regardless of what your place in the real estate world is.

This means that you ought to assume the habit of exercising regular positive affirmations. Making positive affirmations a part of your daily routine is a great way to alter your thoughts and help yourself be more successful.

It’s never too early or too late to begin this rhythm of positive affirmations, and even those just beginning in real estate may benefit from a positive attitude. Even if your position seems insignificant and non-meaningful, it’s crucial to display a positive attitude, and not let negativity sneak in to steal your exuberance.

Remember that some of the most successful, real estate agents, CEOs and business owners began at the bottom and worked their way up. It truly is possible to work your way up from novice to being a top producing real estate guru, but without positive affirmations and a victorious attitude, this move won’t be possible.

Steady positive affirmations are highly crucial for those people running their own businesses. Running a business is never simple, especially a real estate business, but it’s crucial to remember that those around you, from team members to clients to competitors, feel your attitude, and utilize as a cue. If you’re perpetually complaining about the business and its deficiency of development, your team members will be less than invigorating.

If, on the other hand, you’re perpetually supplying positive affirmations to your team members, even in the hardest of times, they’ll see your exuberance, learn from it, and utilize it as a cue to work harder and help the business develop and prosper. It truly does all come down to attitude; a positive attitude and positive affirmations can help your business in ways too many to mention here.

They Work… But You Must Use Them Correctly

Self-affirmations are positive statements or self-scripts that may condition the subconscious so that you are able to develop a more positive percept of yourself. Affirmations may help you to change adverse behaviors or achieve goals, and they can likewise help undo the harm caused by negative scripts, those things which we repeatedly tell ourselves (or which other people repeatedly tell us) that add to a negative self-perception.

► Consider your positive properties. Scrutinize yourself by making a list of your best qualities, abilities, or other properties. Are you smart? Write it down. Are you a hard worker? Make mention of it. Write each quality down in a brief sentence, beginning with “I” and utilizing the present tense: “I’m smart,” for instance, or “I’m a great real estate agent”. These statements are affirmations of who you are. We seldom center on those things that we truly like about ourselves, rather choosing to linger over things we’d like to alter. 

A list will help you break that cycle. Using these affirmations to help you appreciate who you are will give you the confidence you need to accept your affirmations of who you would like to become.

► Consider what negative scripts you would like to neutralize or what positive goals you would like to achieve. Affirmations can be highly useful to counteract negative percepts you have acquired about your ability to market or your potential. Affirmations may also help you accomplish specific marketing goals, like developing a bigger list or a bigger downline. Make a list of your goals or the adverse self- percepts you would like to alter.

► Prioritize your list of matters to work at. You might find that you have a lot of goals or that you require many different affirmations. It’s best, though, to center on just a couple of affirmations at once, so pick those that are most crucial or most pressing and work with those first of all. When you see improvement in those areas or achieve those goals you can formulate new affirmations for other points on your list.

► Author your affirmations. Use positive affirmations alone as counter-scripts, or add other affirmations to mold your behavior in the future. The affirmations you’ll use to mold future changes should follow the same form. They should begin with “I,” and be curt, clear, and positive. There are 2 forms of future-oriented affirmations you can utilize to work toward goals.

“I can” statements: author a statement affirming the fact that you can accomplish your goal(s). For instance, if you would like to have a killer blog, a statement like “I can have a killer blog,” is a good start. Several experts recommend that you avoid any form of negative connotation.

“I will” statements: author a statement affirming that today you’ll utilize your ability to accomplish your goal. So, following the above example, you may say, “I will write a killer article for my blog today. Again, the affirmation should use positive language and should plainly express what you’ll do today to accomplish the long-term goal of better marketing and a killer blog.

Here are a few more tips:

► Match-up a few of your positive attributes with your goals. Which of the positive characters will help you accomplish the goals you’ve set? If you’re starting a new business venture, for instance, you may need willpower or courage. Select affirmations to support what you’ll need.

► Make your repetitions visible so you’ll be able to utilize them. Repetition is the key to making affirmations effective. You want to consider your affirmations several times a day, day-after-day.

► Carry on using your affirmations. The more you affirm something, the more steadfastly your mind will accept it. If you’re trying to accomplish a short-term goal, use your affirmations till you’ve accomplished it. If you merely want to use affirmations as a counter-script, use each one as long as you like.

► Think of the message you send to the universe.

► Don’t use negative words – Instead of I won’t or don’t want to be poor, use I WANT to be wealthy.

► Repetition builds habits and your subconscious mind will align.

Next Steps

 In 2006, Tony Robbins gave the famous talk, “Why We Do The Things We Do.” Nobody truly knew the impact this TED talk would have on the world. He encouraged us to dive deep within ourselves and discover why we do what we do. If you’re not sure what your drive factor is in your life, take this short 10 question quiz and discover for yourself. 

I hope you were able to get some valuable information out of this article! Please feel free to start a conversation and comment your thoughts below. Also, check out my Agent Tools page where I have compiled resources and recommendations for real estate agents like you, who are ready to take their real estate marketing one step further.

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